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Today, there are a lot of electric tailgate brands on the market. The price, quality, and after-sales are different. So why choose our KaiMiao electric tailgate?
Product Function:

  1. Height memory function

  2. Multiple ways to open (Remote control with key fob, dashboard button, tailgate switch button)

  3. Smart anti-pinch

  4. Smart Suction Lock (Latch lock / upper suction lock / OEM suction lock)

  5. Open / Close warning sound

  6. Nondestructive Installation

  7. Kick sensor (optional)

Product Features
Our box body adopts car gauge grade ABS+PC flame retardant meterial, use the best circuit board on the market, guarantee that the control box will not cause operation errors due to various harsh conditions during high-density work. Not only that, the software in our control box is developed by ourselves to ensure that the program is suitable for various models, there is also an SD card jack left to meet the owner's requirements for the program at any time, if the owner has any procedural requirements for the tailgate, they can upgrade by themself.
Our poles are manufactured using the best materials (aluminum alloy) on the market. Each pole will go through our five tests (Water-proof Test, Salt Spray Test, High Temperature Test, Low Temperature Test, High and Low Temperature Test) before shipment. Whether it is the cold weather or the excessive heat caused by the struts movement, it will not have any impact on our poles, so that when customers use our products, the tailgate will not be unstable due to the aging or weakening of the struts.
We use pure copper wiring harness to ensure that the product will not malfunction due to poor wiring contact. And a waterproof rubber plug is added to the brace harness, no matter it is windy or rainy, water will not enter the wiring harness and cause product damage.
Non-destructive installation
Use the original car lock mounting hole to install, most of car model no need to cut the wire, plug and play, the installation program does not conflict with the original car, it is very safe to your car.
After-sales Service
Whether it is a single customer or our agent, our after-sales service is always the same. Whether it is an installation problem or a product problem, we will reply and resolve it within 24 hours.

Electric tailgate anti-clamp principle:
The principle of anti-clamping is that the ECU monitor the speed of the motor. When the tailgate encounters obstacles, the motor speed drops below the set limit. At the same time, the motor current consumption increases and the power supply to the motor is reversed, so that the trunk will move in the opposite direction. The basic structure of the electric tailgate is two mandrel drive rods. The driving rod is composed of an inner tube and an outer tube. The motor and gear in the inner tube drive a threaded spindle. The thread spindle moves on the screw nut which fixed to the inside of the outer tube. With regard to the operation of the electric prop, the electric spindle inside the prop drives the operation of the trunk spring. Qualified electric tailgate products should have the function of intelligent detection of obstacles and emergency braking. When the tailgate encounters an obstacle, it can be automatically retracted to prevent the motor from being burned out and avoid accidental pinching or damage to the vehicle.

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