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How to choose the electric tailgate? - Eg. Honda Odyssey

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Update time : 2023-04-08 22:14:36
How to choose the electric tailgate?

In order to improve the performance of the car, we generally install an electric tailgate lift kit, Like this Odyssey. There are so many electric tailgate (power liftgate) products on the market, which one is suitable for Odyssey?

I think there are two points worth considering:

First, it needs to be upper suction lock.Products with upper suction lock: Replacement of the original car hole,less disassembly and simple wiring.

At the same time, no complicated debugging is required. Basically, there will be no problems such as uneven gaps, abnormal noises of water leakage, and failure to lock the suction.

Also, the pole needs attention.We look at cars like the Odyssey. Its tailgate is heavy and needs to be opened at a large angle.This puts a requirement on the pole: The support capacity of the pole is not strong. When the car is parked on a slope, the tailgate may not even open. Or after a long period of use, the spring elasticity of the pole decays, so that the opening height of the tailgate is insufficient, it sinks after opening, or the closing action is performed incorrectly, etc..

Is there a damper and motor reducer inside the strut? Is it Metal Gear? This is very important, The damper can share the pressure of the motor and the spring, so that the rod can better deal with the tailgate of MPV models with heavy weight and large opening angle. The metal gear reducer can cope with the huge torque generated when the tailgate is opened and closed, and it is not so easy to break. The plastic-enclosed case is also a good plus in terms of quietness.

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