Auto electrical luggage opener system automatic tailgate opener for BaoJun RS-3

Item No.: BaoJun RC-5 2019+
1. Multiple control methods: Key fob, dashboard button and tailgate switch button
2. Intelligent Speed Control:
3. Anti-pinch
4. Setting height memory
5. Kick sensor (optional)
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    Auto electrical luggage opener system automatic tailgate opener for BaoJun RS-3
    - KaiMiao


    What is power tailgate lift kits?

    Hands-free power liftgate (Power tailgate lift) is a back-door system, the user of the vehicle controls the liftgate / tailgate opening and closing by pressing a key located on the dashboard or handheld or remoting the key, or by using any object operation in the corresponding region of the liftgate.

    Technical Parameters:


    Car Auto Parts / Auto Electronics

    Product Name:

    Power Tailgate Liftgate

    Car Model:

    BaoJun RS-3




    Double pole with upper suction


    Plug and Play


    Car Trunk


    in stock / ODM / OEM

    Rated Voltage:


    Operating Voltage:


    Working Current:


    Quiescent Currenty:


    Operating Temperature:



    1 year


    Innovation Point:

    1. Intelligent Induction: Anti-pinch force setting / Anti-collision force setting. (When the system detects the intention of the car owner of manually open and close the door, power liftgate system will be in the auxiliary state automatically.
    2. Intelligent Speed Control: Through intelligent control such as slow start and decelaration, it can ensure that the tailgate runs smoothly and impact of the system is slowed down. At the same time, the lift of the motor is prolonged.
    3. Abnormal Scene Processing: Double pole load balancing. When a pole fails, the door can be prevented from being deformed. When the tailgate fails in a special scene, the system will automatically adjust the closing effort.
    4. Fault Detection: When the drive circuit is faulty (low-voltage alarm, over-current protection), it will automatically cut off / automatically recover to ensure the safety of vehicles and equipment.
    5. Ultimate Energy Saving: Ultra-low quiescent current (Standby Current: 1 mA). It can avoid that the vehicle can not start without power due to long-term parking.




    Function Description
    Remote Control The car owner can open and close the tailgate by pressing the tailgate of the vehicle, the remote control car key or using the foot sensing operation in the corresponding area of the tailgate, so as to avoid the object storage easily and quickly when the door is opened due to the inconvenience of holding too many objects into vehicle.
    Multi-style Control A light touch on the button on tailgate,closes as you require.When you are in driver’s seat,press the button tocontrol tailgate easily.And we also offer foot sensor as an option,When you have no free hands to switch the tailgate, you can open it with your foot.
    Intelligent Anti-Pinch Function When the tailgate is closed or opened , the sensor automatically senses whether there is an obstacle.When the tailgate opens or closes and encounters an obstacle, the tailgate moves in the opposite direction,effectively preventing the child from being injured or damaging the vehicle.
    Emergency Blocking Function In an emergency, you can pause opening or closing the tailgate. During the opening or closing ofthe electric tailgate kit, the tailgate can be stopped at any time by the remote control key or the tailgate of the vehicle, and can be controlled as desired.
    Height Memory Function The height of the electric tailgate can be adjusted. The owner can set the final opening height of the tailgate according to the usage habits.
    Easy Installation Most of our customers can successfully install by themselves through our installation instructions.Plug and play(Some models need to be stripped)and no damage to the car body.

    heartThrough the calculation of motion mechanics, the optimal design of the electric strut can be realized by adjusting the torque of the motor, the gearbox ratio, the lead of the screw, and the value of the spring force.
    heartIP67 protection level
    heartModule design. It is possible to complete the trial production of the product in a minimum amount of time and reduce the waiting time of the customer. The form test project can be completed before the design is finalized.
    heartLow working noise - 52Db


    Laboratory Test:



    Water-Proof Test

    Perform IPX4 waterproof rating standard, put the poles in the car, dripping for 10 minutes, flusing for many times.

    Salt Spray Test

    Place the poles in 5% NACL solution of salt spray for 256 hours, wash the solution with flowing water, rinse with distilled water, stand it for 1-2 hours. Finally check if the pole is rusty.

    High Temperature Test

    Double pole load balancing. When a pole fails, the door can be prevented from being deformed. When the tailgate fails in a special scene, the system will automatically adjust the closing effort.

    Low Temperature Test

    When the drive circuit is faulty( low-voltage alarm, over-current protection), it will automatically cut off / automatically recover to ensure the safety of vehicles and equipment.

    High and Low Temperature

    Ultra-low quiescent current(Standby Current:1 mA). It can avoid that the vehicle can not start without power due to long-term parking.


    Advantages of Upper Suction Lock:

    1. No damage installation
    Use the original car lock mounting hole to install.
    2. Safe
    Configure the security cable to be pulled down and unlocked under abnormal conditions.
    3. No need to debug
    Installed in line with the original car.
    4. Simple Wiring
    Just take the central control to take power, and the rest are on the tailgate, connected to the control box.
    5. Uniform Velocity
    Slowly lock the first level, then it will automatically lock the second level.
    6. Quiet
    The door closing action is gentle and there is no impact sound.
    7. Long life
    All accessories meet China's 3C certification standards, no damage to the installation.


    Packaging & Shipping Details:

    Single Package Size: 81*19*17cm
    Gross  Weight: 6.5 kg
    Package Type: Neutral Packing & Color Box
    Delivery Time: In stock: 1-2 working days
    Out of stock: 5-7 working days



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     (BaoJun RC-5 2019+ - Power tailgate  lift kit)
    wire harness, brakcets, tailgate switch button, front switch button,
    gold control box, upper suction lock, screws, gasket, installation instruction e-edition, warranty card



    After-sales Term:

    1. Power Tailgate: The warranty period starts from the date of shipment,Warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, there is any problems about product quality, you can change the spare parts for free.
    2. At the time of installation, if you have any questions or problems, please take pictures and videos, contact our sales staff directly or send an email to We arrange after-sales personnel to respond you within 24 hours.
    3. If you have any questions, please contact The final interpretation of the above content belongs to the Dongguan Kaimiao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd



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    Our product has received various certifications , including ECU copyright certificate, ECU patent certificate, Strut patent certificate, Electric latch lock patent certificate, Trunk opening and closing system patent certificate, Linear Strut Structure Patent Certificate, Electric tailgate control system patent certificate, Electric drive gas spring patent certificate, Linear pole invention patent, Car struts patent certificate, Car struts structure patent certificate, IATF16949 Certificate, ISO9001 Certificate and so on.