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Item No.: BM300
CAR JUMP STARTER FOR BM300: Heavy duty built-in clamps and cables and 800 Amp peak current jump start up to 20 distant electrical mains circuits. Connect to the negative and positive terminals of your car battery. Do not connect to other metal parts of yo

What is the Car Jump Straters for BM300?

          The portable starter has five core functions: intelligent heating technology, automatic reverse charging technology, lithium iron phosphate battery, ten-year service life and three-year standby battery life. When your vehicle's battery is dead, portable jumper starters can start your car without the need for other vehicles, making them more convenient to use than jumper cables. And the latest lithium-ion battery models are small enough that you can easily carry them in your car.

1.Heat activated
Quickly preheat the battery pack before starting, and the ignition performance i
s improved by 65%.
2.Voltage start
Intelligently match 12V voltage when starting, safe ignition without hurting the car.

3.Automatic call back
Recover full power and reverse charging black technology within 30 seconds of s

4.Three-year battery life
Turn off the main switch during standby, and can stand by for three years without supplementary power.


        Getting into your car and discovering that the battery is dead is when portable jumper starters start your car without the need for other vehicles, making them more convenient to use than jumper cables. Some of these devices are compact enough to fit in your glove box and provide you with a solution to quickly start your vehicle in an emergency.

Many of these can also be used as battery packs for electronic devices. This means it can be used as a portable charger to keep your phone or tablet fully charged on the go. In other words, they can be used for other purposes than just jump-starting your car.

There are plenty of options out there, and some of their specifications may look like a mix of random numbers and letters to you. We’re here to give you all the details you need to know about the best portable jump starters, so you can add this valuable tool to your car emergency kit.

1.EC5 interface: connect to car ignition clip (12V), starting current 1000A, peak current 2000A 

2.USB output: QC3.0 5V 2.4A / 9V2A /12V1.5A.
3.Type-C input (support QC2.0 charging 5V 2A / 9V 2A /12V 1.5A )
4. USB output: 5V 2.1A.

5.DC 12V 8A output LED lighting three colors (white, blue and red)