Forged Carbon Fiber Performance Steering Wheel with Leather & Alcantara Suede for Tesla

Item No.: SW-006
Material: Carbon Fiber
Design Style: Modern
Shape: D Shape / Flat Shape / F1
QTY: 1 pc
Production Time: 5-7 working days
These custom steering wheels are modified versions of OEM steering wheels, which ensure a plug and play fitment by utilizing the
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Design Style: Sport
  • Color: Black / Colorful
  • Shape: D Shape / Flat Shape / F1
  • Package Size: 43cm*43cm*20cm
  • Production Time: 7-10 working days

    Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

    Product Description:
    A carbon fiber steering wheel is a type of steering wheel that is made primarily or entirely from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP). Carbon fiber is a lightweight and strong material that is widely used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and sports equipment.
    Carbon fiber steering wheels offer several benefits over traditional steering wheels, such as:
    Lightweight: Carbon fiber is significantly lighter than materials like steel or aluminum. This reduced weight can contribute to improved vehicle performance, including faster acceleration and better handling.
    Strength and Rigidity: Carbon fiber has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it exceptionally strong and rigid. This characteristic allows for enhanced control and precision while driving.
    Aesthetics: Carbon fiber has a distinctive woven pattern, giving it a sleek and sporty appearance. Many car enthusiasts appreciate the visual appeal of carbon fiber steering wheels as they can add a touch of style to the interior of a vehicle.
    Heat Resistance: Carbon fiber has excellent resistance to heat, making it suitable for high-performance applications. It can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures without deforming or deteriorating.
    Vibration Damping: Carbon fiber possesses natural vibration-damping properties. This can help reduce the transmission of vibrations and road feedback to the driver's hands, leading to a more comfortable driving experience.
    It's worth noting that carbon fiber steering wheels are typically more expensive than traditional steering wheels. Additionally, since carbon fiber is a relatively specialized material, these steering wheels are often found in high-end or performance vehicles.





    Carbon Fiber

    Place of Origin


    Design Style




    Product Name

    Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel


    D Shape / Flat Shape / F1

    Leather Color

    Perforated Blakc Leather / Colorful


    1 pc

    OEM / ODM


    Center  Top Stripe

    Italy Tricolor / BMW Tricolor / Germany Tricolor

    Carbon Fiber Fabric

    Twill Carbon Fiber / Plain Carbon Fiber

    Stitching Color

    Red / White / Light Blue / Yellow / Black / Green / BMW Tricolor / Italy Tricolor / Germany Tricolor

    Leather Color List

    Smooth Leather / Half Perforated Leather / Full Perforated Leather / Suede

    Installation Easy

    Pure Performance
    A. The wheel wrapped in top quality leather and Alcantara
    B. The core of the steering wrapped in extra thick padding, which provides a much aggressive feeling and better handling to the driver.
    C. The bottom side of the wheel is craft flattened for a racing look and better leg room.
    D. All stitching expertly stitched by hand.
    E. Carbon fiber accents added to the following contours of the wheel
    F. Fully customizable color of stitching, top strap, and carbon fiber. Griping material, and logo

    What is inside The Package
    Each kit includes one custom steering wheel.
    Airbag is NOT included.
    NOTE: This purchase does not include any accessories, you will need to transfer all the electronic components (paddle shifter control module, multifunction buttons, airbag, etc.) from the original steering wheel over to complete your installation.

    This Product Fits
    The custom carbon fiber steering wheels are available for a variety of vehicles. If your exact vehicle/transmission is not listed, please contact us at
    *Unfortunately we do not offer a return and refund policy for steering wheel order which has custom options for top strap color, stitching color, colored carbon fiber, and personalize logo service.

    Effect Comparision

    Packing and Shipping:

    This Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel is packaged and shipped with the utmost care in order to ensure that it will arrive safely to its destination. The steering wheel is carefully placed in a custom-made cardboard box, which is then sealed with industrial tape. The box is cushioned with bubble wrap to prevent any shocks or bumps during transport. It is then labeled with a unique tracking number in order to guarantee that it can be tracked throughout its journey. Finally, the box is placed in a larger cardboard box and shipped according to the customer's preferred shipping method.
    Customized Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel:

    Customize your Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel for the perfect driving experience!
    Customize your Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel with KAIMIAO for easy installation, high durability, modern design, and lightweight! KAIMIAO's Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel is perfect for anyone looking for a high quality product that is easy to install, durable, modern, and lightweight.







    Q1: What is a Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel?
    A1: A Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel is a high-performance steering wheel made from a lightweight, yet strong, material. It provides increased control and response time while driving.

    Q2:What is the material of the Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel?
    A2:The Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel is made of high-quality carbon fiber material.

    Q3: What are the benefits of a Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel?
    A3: Carbon Fiber Steering Wheels provide enhanced comfort due to their lightweight construction and improved grip due to their textured surface. They can also provide a greater sense of control and responsiveness when driving.

    Q4:Does the Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel have airbags?
    A4:No, the Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel does not have airbags. (OPTIONAL)

    Q5: How does a Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel improve driving performance?
    A5: The lightweight construction of a Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel reduces inertia when cornering and the textured surface provides improved grip, allowing for greater control and responsiveness when driving.

    Q6:Does the Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel come with mounting accessories?
    A6:Yes, the Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel comes with mounting accessories, making installation faster and easier.

    Q7:Is it easy to clean the Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel?
    A7:Yes, the Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel has a smooth surface and is easy to clean.

    Q8:How to maintain the Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel?
    A8:The Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel should be regularly cleaned and kept away from corrosive materials.

    Q9: Does Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel provide any comfort?
    A9: Yes, Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel is designed to provide comfort and reduce fatigue during long drives.

    Q10: Is Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel durable?
    A10: Yes, Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel is highly durable and can withstand daily wear and tear.