2019 mobile GPS immobilizer car ignition start button remote key

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  • Description
    2019 mobile GPS immobilizer car ignition start button remote key
    Smart Car Alarm Product Basic Functions:

    1.Automatic Sensor Switch Door (Keyless Entry)
    Automatically lock or unlock car door without pressing the original key fob. when you approach to the car within 1-3 meters, the car door will be automatically unlocked. when you leave the car within 1-3 meters, the car door will be automatically locked

    2.Ignition Button Start Stop
    Long press the Start Stop button to ignite, and long press again to turn off.Short press the start stop button, it will be a circle as ACC-ON-OFF.

    3.Remote Control Vehicle Start Stop
    Long press the third button to start the engine and turn off it (Ensure Safety)

    4.Open The Tailgate
    Press the unlock button for 3 seconds, tailgate can be automatically opened.

    5.Passive Emergency Unlocking
    If the remote control is damaged or the remote control battery runs out, place the back of the remote control close to the dark lock coil attached to the front windshield A-pillar inside the car.

    6.Burglar Alarm
    In the anti-theft state, illegal opening of the door, forgetting to close the window,illegal start, illegal opening of the front cover of the car and the trunk will trigger an audible and visual alarm.

    7.Automatic Locking - 25S
    If the car owner forgets to lock the door, the door will automatically lock after 25 seconds.

    8.Central Locking Automation
    After starting the car, the door is automatically locked after about 15 seconds of braking. When the car is turned off, the door is automatically unlocked.

    9.Anti-Signal Interference
    If you encounter interference from surrounding signals, it will speed up the lock.

    10.Remote Control Low Power Prompt
    If the remote control battery is too low, there will be a prompt when the door is locked.

    11.Intelligent Anti-Grab
    When the vehicle is running, parking and taking the smart key to leave, the system will enter the anti-robbery state. After 120 seconds, the smart key will continue to be searched. If the search fails, the turn signal will flash quickly, there will be an alarm,and the engine will be turned off.

    12.Emergency Release
    When the remote control is lost and the system is generating an alarm, you can open the door and step on the foot brake 6 times, the alarm is automatically released.

    13.External Learning Button
    If you lose your remote control, you can equip it with a new remote control and match with the system.

    14.Password Keyless Entry
    If smart key battery is dead or is broken, the driver can unlock the car and drive by manually entering the password!

    15.Smart Anti-Hijacking Mode
    When the car is started, open the door and take the key to leave. If someone enters your car at this time and drives the car away, the car will automatically turn off after 6 minutes.

        APP lock car door             APP unlock car door      APP open trunk

         APP finding the car           APP start engine           APP stop engine 

                                     APP GPS online location  APP history record        APP alarm information reminder
    APP voice monitoring       App authorization        APP time start


    Why Choose Us?
    1. Quality Materials
    All the Regarding all the materials needed for the product, we use the best materials on the market, including the host circuit board, capacitors, relays, housings, etc., so that our products are superior in their appearance in terms of appearance and quality.

    2.Security Performance
    The initial anti-jamming technology and built-in high-security encryption technology enable customers to avoid losses caused by external malicious interference.

    3.Multi-Function Selection
    The ultra-versatile choice meets any customer's demand for the product, and the customer can switch functions through their actual needs.

    4.Multi-Language Installation Instructions
    Our company's products are available in multi-language installation instructions, so customers don't have to worry about being unable to install due to language problems, which makes customers even more worry-free.

    5.Stereoscopic Detection
    Use 3D smart key remote control and PKE antenna, don’t worry about the product can’t sense.