Car Door Soft Close/Electric Suction Door

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It is a safe and comfortable intelligent body control device for the car door lock system. When the door touches the body, the door will gently pull in automatically, and the door lock system will automatically tighten and half lock position to the full l
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    Car Door Soft Close / Electric Suction Door

    What is car door soft close ( electric suction door)?

    It is a safe and comfortable intelligent body control device for the car door lock system. When the door touches the body, the door will gently pull in automatically, and the door lock system will automatically tighten and half lock position to the full lock position. The car owner can easily close the door and no longer have to worry about the door not closing. It is safe and has a very intelligent, elegant and comfortable experience.

    When the door is closed to the semi-locked state (The door has a 6-9 mm gap), the door lock tongue will touches the lock and the tensioning auxiliary device will gently close the door automatically. The motor drive of the door lock system automatically tightens the door lock from the semi-lock position to the full lock position. When the door is closed, the door closing noise will not be issued, which greatly improves the safety and comfort of closing the door.
    The owner only needs to close the door gently, so that the door closing action can be easily completed, making the driving safer, more assured, and enjoying a comfortable and distinguished experience.

    Advantages of car door soft close lock:

    The traditional door adopts the inertial gravity locking device, which requires a large force to close the door. It will be easy to cause:
    1. Door seal parts are easy to loose and damaged.
    2.Larger closing noise makes the eardrum and the body feel uncomfortable (especially for the old, the young, the pregnant and the patient).
    3.Worried that the door is not closed, you should use a hand to check if the door is close.

    Advantages Description

    Push the door to the semi-lock state, the system will automatically complete the remaining door closing action.


    6-9mm – Automatic suction and lock the door. The closing process will not be easily blocked, and the door can be safety closed.


    Gently close the door. Increased comfort and no noise.


    Smoothly close the door to make the door movement more elegant.


    High-end configuration of luxury cars, get a premium car experience

    5 Major advantages of car door soft close 2.0:
    Function Description
    Second Generation Intelligent Suction

    The electric suction has a foreign matter extraction buffering time during the suction from the first stage to the second stage. And the visual performance will pause for 0.5 seconds during the suction process.

    Suction Emergency Opening

    The door can be opened by pulling the door handle at any position during the suction process.

    Motor Active Protection

    If the single door is closed for 30 times in any five-minute period, the motor will be actively shut down. The door needs to remain closed for one minute to restore the suction function.

    Secondary Unlock Protection

    When the outer door handle is opened for more than 4 seconds at any time, the electric suction mechanism automatically realizes the second unlocking (repeating the reverse rotation between the transmission gears.

    Exclusive Patented Technology

    SA Driving Clutch – patented.

    Product Structure:

    Core Components and Parameters:
    Component Specifications / Parameters Component Specifications / Parameters

    MABUCHI FK-280-5C

    Operating Voltage

    DC 12V (9-16V)

    Detection Sensing

    HALL MT1101

    Stand-by Current

    ≤ 3.0 mA

    Detection Switch


    Working Current

    ≤ 6.0 A

    MCU Main Chip


    Blocking Current

    ≤ 8.0 A (MAX)

    Driver IC


    Pick-up Noise

    < 60dB (A)

    Transmission Gear

    Power metallurgy / Aviation material PM 5.1

    Suction Force

    Semi-Lock: 70-170 N, Full-Lock: 150-250 N

    Lock Tongue / Lock

    No. 45 ladle glue

    Temperature / Humidity Range

    -40℃/0% - +85℃/90%RH

    Load Strength

    Portrait: 11000N, Landscape: 9000N

    Product Life

    ≥ 50000 times

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    ·  MOQ: 1
    ·  Price: Negotiable
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    ·  Delivery Time: In stock: 1-3 working days ; Out of stock: 5-7 working days
    ·  Payment Terms: T/T, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram

    Car Model List  
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    Jade 2014-2019  
    Spirior 2015
    Greiz 2016
    Gienia 2017
    CRV 2012-2021
    XNY 2021
    XRV 2015-2021
    URV 2017-2021
    Civic 9th 2012-2015
    Elysion 2016-2021
    Fit 2015-2021
    City 2015-2019
    Accord 9th 2014-2017
    Vezel 2015-2021
    Avancier 2017-2021
    Breeze 2020-2021
    Odyssey 2016-2019
    Civic 10th 2016-2021  
    Envix 2019-2021
    Accord 10th 2018-2021
    Inspire 2019-2021
    Crider 2019-2021
    Sienna 2018-2021
    Alphard 2015-2021
    Fortuner 2019-2021
    CHR 2018-2021
    Levin 2017-2021
    Camry 2014-2021
    WILDLANDER 2020-2021
    Highlander 2015-2021
    Corolla 2017-2021
    Crown 2015-2019
    RAV4 2017-2021
    Avalon 2019-2021
    Allion 2021+
    IZOA 2018-2021
    GS4 2016-2021
    GS4 COUPE 2020-2021
    GS5 2018-2020
    GA6 2019-2021
    GM8/M8 2017-2021  
    GS7 2017-2021
    GS8S 2020-2021
    GS8 2017-2021
    Yaris 2011-2021  
    Corolla 2012-2016
    Camry 2009-2013
    Highlander 2009-2014
    Crown 2009-2014
    RAV4 2012-2016
    Reiz 2012-2015
    Alphard 2010-2014
    Prado 2012-2019
    Hiace 2011-2016
    Wish 2009-2016
    4Runner 2009-2016
    Prius 2008-2017
    Sequoil 2008-2017
    Zelas 2010-2016
    Previa 2012-2016
    Sienna 2012-2017
    FJ-cruiser 2010-2017
    Land Cruiser 2012-2017
    Trumpchi GA8 2017-2021  
    Tiida 2011-2016
    Livina 2012-2017
    Sylphy 2011-2018
    Sunny 2014-2018
    Slyphy/Bluebird 2016-2018
    Teana 2013-2018
    Maxima 2016-2018
    Qashqai 2016-2021
    X-trail 2012-2021
    Patol 2016-2021
    Murano 2015-2021
    Terra 2018-2021
    Kicks 2017-2019
    New Sylphy 2019-2021 RCXY-501
    New TTeana 2019-2021
    Santana 2013-2019  
    Gran Lavida 2013-2019
    Lavida 2012-2021
    Cross Lavida 2017-2019
    Lamando 2015-2021
    Passat 2011-2021
    Tiguan 2012-2017
    Tiguan L 2017-2020
    T-cross 2020-2021
    viloran 2020-2021
    Teramount 2017-2021
    Touran 2016-2021
    Jetta 2013-2019
    Bora 2017-2021
    Golf 2012-2020
    Sagitar 2013-2021
    Tacqua 2020-2021
    C-Trek 2016-2019
    CC 2018-2021
    Magotan 2015-2021
    Beetle DA01-501
    Variant 2015-2021
    Sharan 2015-2021
    Multivan(T6) 2015-2019
    Caravelle(T5) 2015-2019
    Scirocco 2015-2017
    Arteon 2018-2019
    Ibiza 2013
    Ibiza ST FR 2013
    Fabia 2017-2019
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    Rapid 2017-2021
    Octavia 2017-2021
    Superb 2017-2021
    Karoq 2018-2021
    Kodiaq 2017-2021
    Yeti 2017-2021
    Lavida 2019-2020  
    THARU 2018-2020
    Passat 2019-2020
    T-ROC 2018-2020
    TAYRON 2018-2020
    Magotan 2020
    AUDI A3 2019-2021
    Q3 2019-2021
    Focus 2016-2021  
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    Ecosport 2017-2021
    Kuga 2015-2021
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    Qx50 2013-2021
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    LX570 2017-2021  
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    E-tron 2019+
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    Q8 2019+
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    911 2019+(992)
    Cayenne 2012+2021  
    Macan 2014-2021
    918 2015-2021
    981 2012-2016
    Panamera 2012-2019
    718 2012-2016
    911 2012-2016
    GT3 2014
    GT4 2016
    Koleos 2016 LN01-501
    Kadjar 2016
    3 Series(F30) 2012-2018 WD3i-501
    3 Series Li(F35) 2012-2018 WD3Li-501
    Old 5 Series(F10、F18) 2010-2016 WD5-501
    Old 7 Series(F02) 2013-2015
    5 Series GT(F07) 2009-2016  
    Old X1(E84) 2009-2016
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    GLE AMG (C292) 2015+
    GLS / GLS-Class (X166、X167) 2016+
    GL (X166) 2015+
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    Maybach (X222) 2015+
    GLS400 / GLS450 2016-2018
    GLS AMG (X166) 2016+
    Outback 2017-2018 FT02-501 (2.0)
    2019-2021 BTGD-501
    Forester 2017-2018 BTGD-501
    2019-2021 BTGD-501
    Legacy 2019-2021  
    FT02-501 (2.0)
    XV 2019-2021
    MODEL Y 2021+ TSL01-501
    MODEL 3 2019+
    Special requirements for installation:
    Must do:Based on the structure and design principle of the original car lock,all American and German models in the original car lock and assembly of electric suction lock before,must be the lock tongue to the full lock(secondary lock)state(row”V”figure),eletric suction lock factory has been the default is the full lock state,but still must be confirmed before installation!


    Power access mode and matters needing attention:
    The electric suction door has only two wire harnesses, a yellow wire harness connected to the vehicle's normal wire (B+) and a black wire harness connected to the vehicle's ground wire (GND).
    Note: When the vehicle is equipped with the function of one-button lifting window, there will be regular power supply and ground wire on the door panel. Use a multimeter to determine the wire harness definition on the door panel and get power.

    Cable placement, motor box fixing and other matters needing attention:
    Cautions for cable (tie rod line) placement:  The cable of the original car and the electric suction lock (as shown in the figure), in the process of disassembling and installing the door panel and car lock, try to pay attention to keep the cable (tie rod line) smooth, avoid bending or winding, in order to prevent improper disassembly and installation of the cable bending, resulting in the failure of the central control can not unlock or lock.

     Motor box fixing matters needing attention:
    1. Please be sure to clean the debris or dust on the sheet metal
    2. The position of the motor box is observed to have an effect on the lifting stroke of the glass
    3. The base please do not cause the cable to bend quickly on the premise, put on the top of the dull anti-collision beam
    4. Press the motor box for at least 20 seconds


    Keyless entry function notes:
           Some models have keyless touch door handle. If the touch door handle is plugged and pulled in the process of disassembly and assembly, it may lead to the failure of the touch door  handle. The following methods can be used to restore the touch door handle:
            1. mechanical key lock car → mechanical key unlock → remote key lock car → remote key unlock vehicle → vehicle start → vehicle shut off and other steps.
            2.The negative electrode of the battery of the whole vehicle is disconnected for 10 minutes before connecting it to power up (there are hidden trouble codes or other moving risks).

    Check before installing car door soft close:
            01. Remind the owner or user of the vehicle to take away valuables from the vehicle;
            02. Before getting on the bus, the car should be cleaned and protected, and the seat cover, steering wheel cover, foot cushion, protective cloth, etc., should be laid in the        appropriate position;
           03. Check whether the central console of the car is scratched or obviously damaged;
           04. Installation personnel should first put the metal items on the body outside the car to prevent scratches on the seats or interior trim during the disassembly process;
           05. Check whether the vehicle key is in good condition and the one-key start is normal;
           06. Check whether the air conditioning function (control and display) is normal;
           07. Check whether the wiper, square control and horn are normal;
           08. Check whether the light switches, headlights, turn signals, fog lights and taillights are normal;
           09. Check whether gear shift, throttle, clutch and brake are normal;
           10. Check whether the door sound/speaker is normal;
           11. Check whether the door lift window switch and glass are normal;
           12. Check whether the door and trunk can be closed and locked properly;


    Inspection at installation
           01. Check whether the arrangement of the power cord is in place and tie it with the cable harness of the original car in the direction of the power taking position;
           02. Check whether the cable buckle of the inner and outer door handle is fastened properly when the lock is installed. If it is loose, the door can not be opened;
          03. Before installing the product, please check whether the function of the product is normal and whether the accessories are complete;
           04. Check whether the cable between the motor and the lock head is properly placed during installation, that is, it can only be placed in large circles or smoothly, because the cable turning too fast will    lead    to difficulties in unlocking;
           05. Check the Madala rod line and other wiring harness during installation, please place it on the outside of the door panel and do not block the glass lifting, including the motor box. Please find an ideal        position to fix it;
           06. Other precautions during installation are described and required in the following page.

    Check for non-suction:
           1. Check whether the plugs are well connected, and replug them if necessary;
           2. Check whether the power supply normal fire and ground wire are connected to the wrong wiring harness, or whether the wire is cut by sheet metal and cause short circuit;
           3. Test whether the two wire clips of the power supply positive pole and ground wire are fully in contact with the wiring harness of the original car;
           4. Electric suction lock has active protection function. Too many times of continuous opening and closing will start active protection, and it will automatically restore the suction function when the      protection time is up;
           5. Refer to "Intelligent Electric Slotting Door Installation Quality Checklist" to assemble again and test again;
           6. Remove the lock from the door panel, the power supply line continues to power, the motor box falls naturally, and straightening the pull rod line, press the lock tongue on the lock head with a stick tool,    simulate the closing action, and see whether the motor box can drive the lock tongue to do the pulling action;
           7. If the above steps cannot make the product run, replace a lock suction head and reinstall it.
    Detection of abnormal alarm:
           1. Check whether the plugs are well connected, and replug them if necessary;
           2. Review whether the original vehicle detection switch is deformed or damaged when the lock head is disassembled and assembled in the fully locked state;
           3. Check whether the internal connecting rod of the lock head is installed in place;
           4. Whether each wire is in good contact;
           5. Refer to "Intelligent Electric Slotting Door Installation Quality Checklist" to assemble again and test again;
           6. If the above steps cannot make the product run, replace a lock suction head and reinstall it.
    A check on a door that can't be closed:
           1. Check whether the lock tongue is in full lock state or stuck, try to unlock the lock tongue with the door handle;
           2. Remove the lock and motor box from the door panel, make the motor box fall naturally, and place the pull rod line vertically and smoothly. Try to see if the lock can be unlocked smoothly;
           3. Refer to "Intelligent Electric Slotting Door Installation Quality Checklist" to assemble again and test again;
           4. If the above steps cannot eliminate the fault, replace the product and re-install it.
    To open the door of the car:
           1. Check whether the battery is normal or not, and whether the relevant circuit of electric suction lock is normal;
           2. If the inner unlock handle can not open the door, please check whether the child lock is in the lock position, if it is in the lock position, you can only open the door from the outer handle;
           3. Pull open the outer door handle and hold for more than 4 seconds, the internal electric suction mechanism will automatically assist in unlocking;
           4. Review whether there are hidden dangers of substandard assembly quality by referring to "Intelligent Electric Slotting Door Installation Quality Checklist";
           5. If the above does not work, unplug the insurance again and wait for 5 minutes to power on again;
           6. If the vehicle loses power, you can take the following options: Plan 1: Disassemble the fender on the left front wheel to see the hood cable, pull the cable to open the hood to charge the battery, and   unlock  by remote control;
          Scheme two: tilt knife pry open the front door frame seam, wire into hook open the door handle to unlock the door (please synchronize
          Do a good job of vehicle protection measures or professional implementation).