Electric Tailgate Lift Kits for CAR REAR DOOR with remote control

Item No.: 001
Hands-free power liftgate (Power tailgate lift) is a back-door system, the user of the vehicle controls the liftgate / tailgate opening and closing by pressing a key located on the dashboard or handheld or remoting the key, or by using any object operatio
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  • Price: Negotiable
  • Packaging Details: Neutral Packing / Color Box
  • Delivery Time: In stock: 1-3 working days ; Out of stock: 5-7 working days
  • Payment Terms: T/T, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability: 20000 sets / month
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    Power Smart Tailgate

    1) Electric tailgate lift assisting system and closes and opens your tailgate / trunk by pressing one button.
    2) This smart electric tailgate system adds extra security and value to your vehicle.
    3) According your vehicle, we will provide the special brakcets and parts for you. You can do it by yourself.
    4) This is an integrated control module system that is very simple to install.
    5) Improve the overall configuration of your vehicle.

    heart Remote Control that Integrates Vehicle Factory Key Fobs
    heart Smart Protection Against Closing when Objects are present
    heart Adjustable Height Setting whatever you want
    heart Free Replacement Parts during the Warranty Period
    heart Do not damage your vehicle
    heart Factory Outlet and Strict Quality Control

    Pls choose the corresponding car model to get more product (electric tailgate lift) information


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    mail E-MAIL:  info@kaimiao-group.com



    1.How about your delivery time? When can I received my goods?

    -Generally,it will take 10 to 15 days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.


    2.How to calibrate the remote key on my vehicle to your system?

    -There is no need to calibrate the remote key, it is ready for use once the power lift gate kit is installed. You still use original remote control fob, operating as simple as long press (or press three times) open key to open or close the gate. To be precise, if your original remote has a rear door opening key, the operation is a 3 sec long press, if it is not available, the operation is click UNLOCK key three times.


    3.Can I install it by myself? How long does it took to install the whole thing?

    -Yes you can install it by yourself, it does not require to modify original wires, usually takes 1-2 hours.


    4.If the mechanic malfunction, we can still open the trunk manually?

    -Yes it can be operated manually even the electronic parts are not functional. Don’t worry, we provide two years warranty because we have confidence in the built quality.


    5.I just had the power lift gate installed, once I connect the power, the buzzer started to sound like “bebebe..bebebe..bebebe”, what’s wrong?

    -It’s normal, the first time installation need to manually close the gate to initialize the system, then the alarm will be gone and all will be working!


    6.I have a short beeping sound when I connect power cable to the control box, is it normal?

    -It is normal that the control module beeps when it connects to power the first time.


    7.Does it fit my car ?

    -Pls send your car auto front face, opening status of gate and tailgate pictures to us. We will help you confirm at once after we got the pictures. 



    Car Model List

    This is our lastes car model. Pls click on the corresponding model to get more product details. And you can click "PDF Format" to get our newest car model list. If you have any problems or you can't find the car model you want, pls contact us.

    Latch Lock Upper Suction OEM Lock Original Lock
    Toyota Land Cruiser 2012-2018 DOUBLE    
    Fortuner (Old) 2009-2015 DOUBLE      
    Fortuner 2016+  DOUBLE    
    Highlander 2009-2018 DOUBLE    
    RAV4 2014-2020 DOUBLE    
    Previa (Estima) 2007+ DOUBLE    
    CHR 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Innova 2016+ DOUBLE    
    Wish 2016+ DOUBLE      
    Harrier 2015+ DOUBLE      
    Sienta 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Sienna 2015+ DOUBLE    
    Hiace Low Roof (Old) 2010+ DOUBLE      
    Hiace High Roof (Old) 2009+ DOUBLE      
    Hiace Middle Roof (Old) 2009+ DOUBLE      
    Hiace High Roof (New) 2020 DOUBLE    
    Hiace Low Roof (New) 2019+ DOUBLE    
    Granvia / Majesty 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Alphard 30 2015+ DOUBLE    
    Alphard 20 2009-2014 DOUBLE    
    Alphard 10 2005-2008 DOUBLE    
    Noah / Voxy 80 2014-2018 DOUBLE  
    Noah / Voxy 70 2018+ DOUBLE    
    Prius 4th 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Prius PHV 2018+ DOUBLE      
    Prius A (Alpine) 2012+ DOUBLE      
    Rush-20 / Perodua Aruz 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Prado All Series SINGLE      
    4RUNNER 2019+ DOUBLE      
    AVANZA 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Camry 2018+ SINGLE      
    Corolla / Levin 2016+ DOUBLE      
    Corolla Cross 2020+ DOUBLE      
    Avalon 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Honda HRV, XRV, VEZEL 2016+ DOUBLE      
    CRV 5th 2017+ DOUBLE    
    Odyssey / Elysion 2016+ DOUBLE    
    Odyssey (Old) 2009-2014 DOUBLE      
    Crosstour 2015+ DOUBLE      
    RK5 2009+ DOUBLE      
    URV, Avancier 2017+ DOUBLE    
    Shuttle 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Stepwgn RG1 2005-2009 DOUBLE      
    Mobilio 2018+ DOUBLE      
    BRV 2018+ DOUBLE      
    Freed 2016-2018 DOUBLE      
    Breeze 2019+ DOUBLE    
    N-Box 2012+ DOUBLE      
    Civic (Hatch back) All series DOUBLE      
    Civic (Sedan) 10th 2016+ DOUBLE      
    Accord 2018+ DOUBLE      
    Nissan C26 2010+ DOUBLE      
    C27 2018+ DOUBLE      
    C25 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Elgrand 2017 DOUBLE      
    X-Trail 2015+ DOUBLE    
    Murano 2016-2017 DOUBLE    
    Patrol Y62 2015+ DOUBLE      
    NV200 all series DOUBLE      
    Terra 2017+ DOUBLE    
    Qashqai 2016+ DOUBLE      
    Mitsubishi Pajero / Montero 2020 DOUBLE      
    Pajero 2016-2019 DOUBLE      
    Pajero (Old) 2012-2015 DOUBLE      
    Outlander 2014+ DOUBLE      
    Eclipse Cross 2018+ DOUBLE      
    Ignis 2018 DOUBLE      
    Grandis 2005+ DOUBLE      
    Delica: D-5 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Eclipse 2018+ DOUBLE      
    ASX 2019+ DOUBLE      
    X-pander 2018+ DOUBLE      
    Subaru Forester 2015+ DOUBLE      
    Levorg 2015+ DOUBLE      
    XV 2014+ DOUBLE      
    Mazda Axela 2016+ DOUBLE      
    Mazda 3 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Mazda CX-3 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Mazda CX-30 2020+ DOUBLE      
    Mazda 6 2012+ DOUBLE      
    Mazda 2 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Mazda CX-5 1st 2012-2016 DOUBLE      
    Mazda CX-5 2nd 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Mazda 5 2012+ DOUBLE      
    Mazda 8 2012+ DOUBLE      
    Hyundai Tucson 2016+ DOUBLE      
    IX25 2015-2016 DOUBLE      
    IX35 2012-2017 DOUBLE      
    IX35 2018+ DOUBLE      
    IX45 2014-2015 DOUBLE      
    IX45 2016-2017 DOUBLE      
    IX45 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Encino / Kona 2019+ DOUBLE      
    H1 / Grand Starex 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Kia Sorento 2018+ DOUBLE      
    Sorento 2014 DOUBLE      
    Niro 2018+ DOUBLE      
    Stonic 2018+ DOUBLE      
    Seltos 2020+ DOUBLE      
    KX5 2016 DOUBLE      
    KX5 / Sportage 2016 DOUBLE      
    KX3 2015 DOUBLE      
    KX7 2017 DOUBLE      
    Carnival 2017 DOUBLE      
    Carens 2013 DOUBLE      
    Borrego (Mohave) 2013-2014 DOUBLE      
    Skoda Superb 2016 DOUBLE    
    Kodiaq 2017 DOUBLE    
    Kamiq 2018+ DOUBLE      
    Octavia 2015+ DOUBLE      
    Karoq 2018+ DOUBLE    
    Cadillac XTS 2013-2018 DOUBLE      
    SRX 2012-2015 DOUBLE      
    XT5 2016+ DOUBLE    
    XT4 2018 DOUBLE      
    CT6 2016-2019 DOUBLE      
    CT5 2020+ DOUBLE      
    ATS / ATS-L 2014+ DOUBLE      
    Renault Koleos 2016+ DOUBLE    
    Captur 2016 DOUBLE      
    Kadjar 2016 DOUBLE      
    Ford Focus 2019+ DOUBLE      
    F150 Ranger 2019+ SINGLE      
    Kuga (Old) 2012-2016 DOUBLE      
    New Kuga 2017+ DOUBLE    
    Mondeo 2013+ DOUBLE      
    Edge 2016+ DOUBLE    
    Taurus 2015-2019 DOUBLE      
    Focus Hatchback 2015+ DOUBLE      
    Everest 2016+ DOUBLE    
    Glory 580 2016-2018 DOUBLE      
    MG ZS 2017 DOUBLE      
    MG6 2016+ DOUBLE      
    Hector 2018+ DOUBLE      
    HS 2018+ DOUBLE      
    ROEWE RX5 2016 DOUBLE      
    RX5 Max 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Volkswagen Passat 2014+ DOUBLE      
    Passat 2016-2019 DOUBLE    
    Magotan B7 2011-2016 DOUBLE      
    Magotan B8 2016-2017 SINGLE    
    Touareg 2012-2018 DOUBLE      
    Touran L 2016+ DOUBLE    
    Sharan 2017 DOUBLE      
    Lavida 2014+ SINGLE      
    Bora 2014+ SINGLE      
    Santana 2014+ SINGLE      
    CC 2015+ SINGLE      
    T-Roc 2018+ DOUBLE    
    Tayron 2018-2019 DOUBLE    
    Tayron 2020 DOUBLE      
    Tiguan (Old) 2015-2019 DOUBLE      
    Tiguan (New) 2020 DOUBLE    
    Beetle 2012-2016 DOUBLE      
    Sagitar 2012-2018 SINGLE      
    Tacqua 2020 DOUBLE      
    Tharu 2018+ DOUBLE    
    C-Trek 2017+ DOUBLE      
    T-Cross 2018+ DOUBLE      
    Viloran 2020+ DOUBLE    
    Multivan T5 2012-2016 DOUBLE    
    Caravelle T6 2016+ DOUBLE    
    Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2011+ DOUBLE      
    Freelander 2015+ DOUBLE      
    Evoque 2013+ DOUBLE      
    Velar 2018 DOUBLE      
    Discovery 4 2015-2016 DOUBLE      
    Discovery 5 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Discovery Sport 2016+ DOUBLE      
    Range Rover Vogue 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Haval H6 2017+ DOUBLE      
    H6 Coupe 2015-2016 DOUBLE      
    H2 2017 DOUBLE      
    H2S 2018+ DOUBLE      
    F7X 2019+ DOUBLE    
    H4 2019+ DOUBLE      
    H8 2016 DOUBLE      
    H7 2016 DOUBLE      
    F5 2019+ DOUBLE      
    F7 2019+ DOUBLE    
    Buick Envision 2016 DOUBLE    
    Encore 2020 DOUBLE      
    Lacrosse 2016-2017 SINGLE      
    GL8 2015-2017 DOUBLE    
    Peugeot 308 2018+ DOUBLE      
    308 SW 2018+ DOUBLE      
    3008 2017 DOUBLE      
    4008 2017 DOUBLE      
    5008 2017+ DOUBLE      
    2008 2013+ DOUBLE      
    Mercedes Benz E class W213 2016+ DOUBLE      
    GLC 2016+ DOUBLE      
    Vito 2016+ DOUBLE      
    A class sedan 2019+ DOUBLE    
    C class C63 2015+ DOUBLE      
    C class coupe 2015+ DOUBLE      
    C class station Wagon 2019+ DOUBLE      
    GLA 2015+ DOUBLE      
    GLB 2020 DOUBLE      
    E class W211 W212 2011-2016 DOUBLE      
    E coupe 2017+ DOUBLE      
    CLA 2015+ DOUBLE      
    CLS 2014+ DOUBLE      
    S class 2009+ DOUBLE      
    BMW 3 series F30 F35 2013-2017 DOUBLE      
    3 series G20 2018-2020 DOUBLE      
    5 series F10 F18 2011-2017 DOUBLE      
    5 series G30 G38 2017+ DOUBLE      
    2 series 5 seat 2016-2018 DOUBLE      
    X1 2017+ DOUBLE      
    X2 2018+ DOUBLE      
    X3 2011-2018 DOUBLE      
    X5 2012-2015 DOUBLE      
    Audi A4L / S4 2017 DOUBLE      
    A4L 2008-2016 DOUBLE      
    A6L 2012+ DOUBLE      
    A3 sedan 2014+ DOUBLE      
    A5 Hatchback / S5 2010-2016 DOUBLE      
    A5 Coupe 2016+ DOUBLE      
    Q2L 2018 DOUBLE      
    Q3 2016-2017 DOUBLE      
    Jeep Compass 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Cherokee 2016+ DOUBLE      
    New Cherokee 2019 DOUBLE      
    Grand Cherokee 2014+ DOUBLE      
    Lexus NX200 all series DOUBLE      
    RX270 all series DOUBLE      
    RX200T 2017 DOUBLE      
    NX200 2019 DOUBLE      
    RX300 2019+ DOUBLE      
    UX200 2019+ DOUBLE      
    CT200 2017 DOUBLE      
    ES 2018-2019 SINGLE      
    ISUZU MU-X 2017+ DOUBLE      
    MU-7 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Tesla Tesla S Model-S DOUBLE      
    Model 3 Model-3 -      
    Model 3 Model-3 DOUBLE      
    Opel Mokka-X 2016+ DOUBLE      
    Insignia 2016+ DOUBLE      
    BaoJun 530 / Almaz / Hector / Captive 2018+ DOUBLE      
    510 2017+ DOUBLE      
    560 2012-2016 DOUBLE      
    730 2017+ DOUBLE      
    RM-5 2019+ DOUBLE      
    RS-5 2019+ DOUBLE      
    RC-5 2019+ DOUBLE      
    RC-6 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Suzuki Suzuki Ertiga 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Volvo XC60 2011+ DOUBLE    
    XC40 2020+ DOUBLE      
    S60L 2014+ DOUBLE      
    S90 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Geely Atlas 2016+ DOUBLE      
    Coolray 2016+ DOUBLE      
    Proton X70 2018+ DOUBLE      
    X50 2016+ DOUBLE      
    Maxus G10 all series DOUBLE      
    Chevrolet Equinox 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Captiva 2017 DOUBLE    
    Traiblazer 2019+ DOUBLE    
    Tracker 2019+ DOUBLE      
    Orlando 2018 DOUBLE      
    Citroen DS6 2015 DOUBLE      
    DS7 2018 DOUBLE      
    C5 Aircross 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Jaguar XF / XFL 2015+ DOUBLE      
    XE / XEL 2016+ DOUBLE      
    I-PACE 2019+ DOUBLE      
    E-PACE 2018 DOUBLE      
    Maserati Levante 2017+ DOUBLE      
    Ghibli 2013+ DOUBLE      
    Ssangyong Tivoli 2018+ DOUBLE      
    Infiniti QX30 2017+ DOUBLE      
    QX50 2015+ DOUBLE      
    ChangAn CS35 Plus 2018+ DOUBLE      
    CS35 2012+ DOUBLE      
    CS95 2017 DOUBLE      
    CX70 2017+ DOUBLE      
    CS85 2020+ DOUBLE      
    CS75 PLUS 2020+ DOUBLE      
    Dodge JCUV 2020+ DOUBLE      
    XPENG P7 2020+ DOUBLE      
    blushHow to get the price?
    - Welcome to contact us to get the price. If you can provide us your address, we also can quote the price with shipping cost.
    - We will use FedEx to ship the goods out. (By Air / About 3-5 working days). If you have special requirements, please let us know

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    - We support Alibaba, PayPal and MoneyGram payments. If you want to order, we can make an invoice for you on alibaba or PayPal.
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