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Installation Manual for electric tailgate retrofit kit - Nissan Patrol Y62

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Update time : 2019-11-13 16:17:14
Nissan Patrol Y62 Electric Tailgate Retrofit Kit Installation Guide V4.0


1. For safety and ensure the normal use of the product, pls install the product by professional staff. Do not disassemble the machine to advoid damage to the machine and cause accidents.
2. Before installing, pls start the engine and check whether the function of the dashboard is normal, whether the button operation is normal, whether there is any scratch on the inner and outer surfaces of the car. If there is any problem, pls report it to the car owner in time.
3. Check if the tail gatei can be opened and closed, and check if the lights are normal.
4. Turn off the engine and prepare the relevant tools.
5. The installer should first remove the metal objects and other hard objects carried on the body to prevent damage to the car seat or interior during the disassembly process.
6. During the installation process, pay attention to the removed components, and advoid scratching the instrument panel. The debris left during installation should be disposed of in time and not left in the car. The joint must be insulated to prevent short circuit.
7. According to the wiring method of our company, it can avoid affecting the moving parts of the car during the routing, such as steering shaft of the steering wheel, throttle and broke pedal and other vehicle control components. The harnesses must be fixed after the wiring to prevent loosening.
8. Pls connect the harness according to the wiring method of our company. (Noted the position of the ground wire)
9. Do not plug or unplug any plugs when the power is connected. It avoids damage to the main host or accessories during plugging and unplugging.
10, If the key fobs has a tailgate open button, you can press this button for several seconds to open and close the tailgate. If not, press the unlock button three times to open and close the tailgate.

After installation, pls manually close the trunk for system initialization.

Installation Process

1.Remove the tail gate door handle.

2.Remove the buckles.

3.Remove the big trim panel.

4.Remove the trim.

5.Remove the trim pieces on both sides.

6.Remove the original tailgate strut (spring gas).

7.Remove the original bracket.

8.Remove the original bracket.

9.Install our bracket ("L" is left side, "R" is right side), fixed with our flat head screw.

10.Install our bracket ("L" is left side, "R" is right side), fixed with our countersunk head screw.

11.Install our electric strut ("L" is left side, "R" is right side).

12. Drill a hole (16mm).

13.Plugged in waterproof rubber stopper.

14.Remove the original car reservation button.

15.Install our front switch button.

16. Our brown wire is connected to the pink wire. Our white wire is connected to the blue wire.
17.The pink and blue wires are marked in the figure.
18.Find the power in the fuse box.

19.Routing the wire.

20.Pass the harness connecting the control box into the bellows.

21.Connected to the negative power supply.

22.Unplug the original car plug, then plug in our harness.

24.According to the color of the plugs, insert all plugs into the control box, then fix the contron box.

25.Install our tailgate switch button.

26.After all the steps have been completed, unplug the box and plug it in again. This socekt is next to the plug ot the tailgate button. (If the original car has electric suction lock, and you do not unplug this plug, the electric suction lock does not work).

27.Restore all the trim panels. Manually close the tailgate for system initialization.
Height Setting:
Push the tailgate to your ideal height, then press the tailgate switch button for several seconds. When you hear a sound, lose your hands. Press the tailgate switch button again to close the door.