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power smart tailgate, car door soft closer and auto hidden door handle for Tesla model 3

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Update time : 2019-12-02 18:49:19
Smart Product for Tesla 3 - Power Liftgate / Car Door Soft Closer / Auto Hidden Door Handle

1. Automatic electric tailgate lift remote control
As an electric energy vehicle equipped with numerous black technologies, mainly intelligent, convenient and comfortable, the installation of electric tailgate is absolutely indispensable, automated original level electric tailgate merges with highly intelligent Tesla 3, show the edge of high-end energy vehicles. Whether you can’t open the tailgate with your hands when you’re hand full, or a child or female friend is unable to open the tailgate because of height and strength.

2. Car door soft closer / electric suction door
Nowadays, more and more high-end models are equipped with electric suction doors. As Tesla-the leader of electric energy vehicles, how can it lack such a noble smart product?
Whether it is practicality (protecting the door), embodying elegant and dignity in large occasions , or avoiding the loss of the contents of the car when the door is not closed (automatically closing the door), greatly improved the practical, noble and safety performance of Tesla 3. And our original two-stage re-suction technology makes the use of electric suction doors safer, which greatly reduces the safety problems caused by users when using electric suction doors.

3.Concealed door handle / auto hidden door handle

The biggest feature of Tesla is the original hidden door handle, which greatly improves the streamlined beauty of the car. To this end, our company has designed automation functions for concealed door handles. When our hidden door handle is installed, just press the door handle lightly and the door handle will automatically extend. When the door is closed, the door handle will automatically retract. We can even install our specific APP on the mobile phone. When the owner approaches the door, the door handle will automatically extend, letting intelligence and elegant combine.

Check our video to see the effect.
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