OEM Automotive Wireless Charger

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  • Price: Negotiable
  • Packaging Details: 1 pcs in one carton box
  • Delivery Time: 3-7 working days after deposit
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  • Supply Ability: 19999 sets per month
  • Description What is automotive wireless smart charger? Car model list
    OEM Automotive Wireless Charger

    KaiMiao offers the latest solution for in-vehicle Qi wireless charger technology. Our OEM automotive wireless charger is easy to install and has a stylish, simple appearance. Applicable to mobile phones with wireless charger functions, such as HUAWEI, Samsung, Apple, Blackberry and so on.

    The charging board design of Qi wireless charger helps protect the device and ensures that the positioning charge is not affected by vehicle movement. The product has been certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) to ensure installation, reliable wireless charging and compatibility with Qi-enabled deviceds. Protect your device with advanced security features such as built-in foreign object detection.
    OEM Automotive Wirelss Charger Advantages:
    1. Fast charging

    KaiMiao OEM automotive wireless charger models have 9-16V wide input voltage. The charging efficiency of our products can reach 80% effective conversion which can achieve effective fast charge. And the effective conversion rate is much better than other wireless charger.

    2.Untie the limitation and have nice appearance

    Each wireless charging is designed according to the structure of the original car. No need to change the original car device and fit the car structure very well.
    In other way, we can untie the limitation the charging line and save more space in the car, which can bring convenience and technology to our lives.

    3.Safety-- Multiple security protection

    According to the high and low temperature test, the working temperature of our automotive wireless charger is -35℃ ~ +80℃. Compared to other manufacture, some of their wireless chargers only can work in 0℃~60℃.
    4. Quality assurance

    In order to guarantee the quality of the automotive wireless charger, each product undergoes an aging test for more than 8 hours before leaving our factory.

    5.Obtained certification of QI,CE, FCC and ROHS
    QI Certified is the wireless charging standard introduced by the Wireless Charging Alliance (WPC), a global standardization organization that promotes wireless charging technology. It adopts the current mainstream electromagnetic induction technology, which has two charateristics of compatibility and versatility. As long as it is a product with Qi logo, you can use the Qi wireless charger to charge.
    Firstly, different brand electronic products whichever has Qi logo can achieve charging by Qi wireless chargers. Secondly, it overcomes wireless charging’s bottleneck. All of the electronic products can be charged by wireless charging transmitter like Cellphones, camera and the other products, which provide great possibilities to wireless charging’s large-scale application.

    In addition, since 2014, we have been dedicated to research and development of a professional car wireless charging. And now, we obtained QI, CE, FCC and RoHS certification, which is an authoritative certification of our product quality.

    6. 5-20minutes Easy Installation
    We use special wire for the special car, original fitting the car, just plug and play, no damage to the car body.
    We offer a universal installation instruction. Most of our customers can successfully install by themselves through our instructions in 5-20 minutes.


    Wireless charging panel, Special wiring harness for special vehicles

    What is automotive wireless smart charger?

    Wireless Charging Technology is known as inductive charging and indirected charging technology, which is a kind of a new charging  technique originated from the technology of transferring wireless power. It uses near- field induction through wireless chargers to  deliver power to device of demanding charging.

    The wireless charger uses the principle of magnetic induction and its wireless charging board based on the original car design, so it will not change the original car structure, and protect your car. In addition, this in-car wireless charger can untie the limitation of  many kinds charging cables and  save space for your car. Car wireless smart charger brings convenience and technology to our lives!

    Flow Chart

    Wireless Car Charger Parameter Comparison
    Comparison Our product Manufacturer A
    Transmitting Power Compatibility:10W&7.5W&5W(Fix frequency:7.5w  Pressure regulating:127.7khz) 10w,5w
    PCB Differnce

    Coil Differnce

    Coil Circle A6 A28
    Coil Turns 12 9
    Wireless Certificate Requires Car Standard Design, CQC Certificate, Car Standared for EMC,CE,FCC,QI uncertain
    Warranty Quality gurantee with car 1 year
    Assurace gurantee 5 million assurance by PICC uncertain
    Hardware Standard According to car standard design require consumption design
    Appearance strict designing&complicated circuit struction simple design
    Charing area large &no dead zone small area &dead zone
    Conversion rate > 80% ≤73%
    Communication protocol Yes Yes
    Input voltage 9-16V wide voltage 5V/9V
    Thermal temperature protection Yes Yes
    Overvoltage protection Yes Yes
    Overcurrent protection Yes Yes
    Antipodal Protection Yes No
    Static&dynamic foreign matter
    Yes uncertain
    Working temperature -40 ℃ to 85℃ 0-60
    Product development time since 2011 to 2018 2018
    Core IC Specific IC (NXP.ST etc) ome consumptive wireless  charger
    Panel require Accustomized tunning  panel &Specific protable panel One version
    Wire Configuration according to its requirement igar light connector&specific interchage original connecto only connect  to fuse holder
    Some models have some special conditions, please contact us for more details
    Toyota Highlander 2015-2018/ Camry 2016-2018/ Prado 2017+/ Land Cruiser 2014-2019/ Yaris,VIOS,YARISL 2015-2018/Corolla(Do not support right hand drive) 2017-2018/ Avalon 2019/ Innova 2017-2020/ RAV4 2014-2018/ Crown 2018/ Tundra 2018
    Volkswagen Tiguan 2014-2018/ Golf 7 2016-2018/ Teramont 2016-2018/ T-Roc Passat 2016-2018/ Magotan 2017-2019/ Tiguan L 2016-2018/ Phideon 2016-2018
    Honda Accord 2017/ G10 Accord 2018-2019/ Civic 2017-2018/ CRV 2017-2018 Elysion,Odyssey 2017-2018/  Vezel, XRV, CEV 2016-2018/ Avancier 2017-2018/ URV 2017-2018
    Nissan X-trail (for left hand drive) 2019/ X-trail(for right hand drive)2015-2019/Slyphy 2016-2019/Patrol 2019
    Hyundai IX35 2018/ Sonata 2018/ Santa Fe 2018/ Elantra 2018/ New Santa Fe 2015-2017/ IX25 2017
    Kia Sorento 2018 / KX1 2008/ K3 2019/ KX5 2019/ KXCROSS 2019/ K4(凯神)2019/ 智跑 2017-2018
    Ford Edge (2016-2018) / Focus (2018-2019) / Mondeo (2017-2018)
    Land Rover 2018Rand Rover Sport 2018-2019 / Vogue 2014-2019/Freelander 2015-2019/ discovery 5 2017-2019/Velar 2017-2019/ Range Rover Velar2017-2018/ Discovery Sport2018/Range Rover Evoque2015-2018/LR5 2019-2018
    Chevrolet Malibu 2016-2018
    Mazda CX-4 2016-2018 / Mazda 6(Atenza) 2016-2018 / Mazda 3 低配2015-2018 / Axela2015-2018
    BMW BMW5,6 GT 2017-2019/ 218 i 2016-2019/ BMW 3,3GT,4,4GT 2016-2019/ BMW X3,X4 2014-2017/ BMW X3,X4 2018-2019/ BMW X1,2 2017-2019/ BWM X5,X6 2015-2018/ ALL new BMW X5 (for lowest version) 2019/ ALL new BMW X5 (for medium version) 2019-2020/BMW 7series 2017-2019/ F55 2017-2019
    Mercedes-Benz GL,GLE,GLS,ML 2015-2019/ C-series/GLC 2015-2019/ GLA,A series 2015-2018/ B Series 2015-2018
    Audi Q3 2016-2018/ Q5L 2018-2019/ Q7 2016-2018 / A3/S3 2016-2018/ A4,A5,S4,S5 2016-2018/ A6L,A7 2016-2018/ NEW A6 2019/ Q2 2019
    Peugeot 4008 2016-2018/ 5008 2016-2018
    Lexus CT 2015-2017/ 2017ES 2014-2017/ 2018ES 2018-2019/ GS 2014-2017/ NX 2015-2017/ IS 2016-2017
    Mitsubishi Outlander 2015-2018/ Pajero 2017-2018
    Cadillac XTS,ATS 2017-2019/ CT6 2017-2019/ ATS-L,XTS 2014-2018/ XT 5 2016-2018
    Buick Excelle GT 2015-2018
    Volvo XC90,XC60,S90L,V9 2 2017-2018/ S60-V60 2017
    Skoda Kodiaq 2018
    Jeep Cherokee 2018 / Renegade 2018
    Jaguar XE, XF, XFL, F-PACE 2017-2019
    Masarati Quattroporte 2016-2019/ Levante 2016-2019
    Porsche Cayenne 2018/ Macan 2015,2017-2019
    Roewe RX5 2017-2018
    Baojun 530 2018
    BYD SONG SUV 2016-2018/ SONG MPV 2017-2018
    GAC Trumpchi G38 2017-2018/ GS4 2015-2018 / GS8 2017-2018
    Changan CS55 2017-2018/ CS75 2014-2017
    Great Wall Haval F7 2018-2019/ Haval H6 2019