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Are you intetrested in Power Tailgate Lift?

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Update time : 2022-07-12 18:06:57
What is power tailgate lift?
A power tailgate lift is a system at the rear of the car that allows you to open the rear of the car by pressing a button on the car, a sensor that automatically triggers the door to open when the key fob is pressed. This replacement smart elevator door provides additional security and value to your vehicle.

1. Hand-in-one opening function
The driver and occupant can open and close the power tailgate lift by pressing the vehicle's power tailgate lift key, remote control car key, or using hand or any object sensing operation in the corresponding area of the power tailgate lift. When it is inconvenient to open the door due to the inconvenience of holding too many objects, the objects can be easily and quickly stored in the vehicle.

2. Intelligent anti-pinch function
When the power tailgate lift is closed, the sensor detects the obstacle. When the power tailgate lift encounters an obstacle during the opening or closing process, the door will move in the opposite direction, effectively preventing children from being trapped or damaging the vehicle.

3. Emergency locking function
In case of emergencies, the tailgate needs to be closed urgently. During the opening or closing process of the power tailgate lift, the tailgate can be stopped at any time through the remote control key or the vehicle tailgate opening key, and the operation can be done as you like.

4. High memory function
The opening height of the power tailgate lift can be adjusted, and the owner can set the final opening height of the tailgate through the manual button according to the usage habits. Just press the tailgate key to open it to the predetermined height, then press the key for more than 5 seconds, and when you hear a "beep", the setting of the power tailgate lift opening height is completed. The height will automatically rise to the set height the next time the tailgate is opened.

How does this system work?
Power tailgate lift system integrated with KeyFob.
This power tailgate lift assist system opens or closes your tailgate at the touch of a button. This power tailgate lift provides extra safety and comfort to your vehicle. This reliable system will outperform hydraulics without all the complicated plumbing and maintenance. This retrofit power tailgate lift is suitable for all family members to use in all weather conditions, rain or shine!

-The power tailgate lift is a device that can control the opening and closing of the tailgate by pressing the vehicle tailgate key, remote control car key, or sensing operation by hand or any object in the corresponding area of the tailgate.
-The power tailgate lift also has functions such as intelligent anti-pinch and height memory. It has the advantages of convenient operation and strong practicability.
-The modification of non-standard power tailgate lift has also increasingly become the focus of the modification market. By adding hydraulic support, sensor (ECU) and other components to the original tailgate, manually opening the bulky tailgate has become a convenient and practical "good assistant".

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