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Do we really need electric tailgate?

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Author : Florence
Update time : 2020-09-09 14:49:15
Do we really need electric tailgate?

Somebody will think it’s a “waste of money”. But I think it is wrong about electric tailgate. My friend and I were using our electric tailgate automatically close. “Just something else to go wrong”. Somebody said. “How much effort is it to close a boot-lid anyway?
I can see his point. When you’re used to doing something, having it automated can often seem rather pointless. This is especially so when the automation has disadvantages such as extra complexity and weight, and in the case of a tailgate ou can slam it shut faster than the motors can. But it’s still wrong, and history is our ever reliable guide as to why.
Inventions like electric tailgates are a bit different, because you think they’re pointless – and I must admit I was a bit skeptical – but in fact many of them are genuinely useful. On a rainy, cold weekend, you are going outside in the forest, and you carry many things by your hands. You just need to push a tailgate button open the boot-lid. During your running, you can operate at the same time. This prevents you from having to put down your hands in heavy rain and then open the boot-lid. Oh! During this operation, you are already wet.
So the point of this little tale – there may be some weird and wonderful feature you sneer at, but there’s a very good chance it’s actually going to be useful so when you’re shopping for a new car don’t automatically discount capabilities you haven’t really used and don’t think you’ll “need”.  

Product Feature:
1. Remote Control
Press on the remote control to open/close the tail gate, even if your hands are busy, you do this easily
2. Button On Tail Gate
A light tough on the button on tail gate, it closes as you require.
3. Button In Driver’s Seat
When you are in driver’s seat, press the button to control tail gate easily.
4. Intelligent Anti-Pinch
While the tail gate is closing, once it touch the obstacles (people or things), it will bounce back automatically or stop there, so avoiding hurt you.
5. Height Memory
The tail gate can memory the height, user pull the gate to a level she could reach, then long press on the button so the height is settled. Next time, you open it, it stays the height you set. So girls never afraid that it will be too high for you to reach.
6. Foot Sense System (Optional)
Foot sense feature is an kind of smart trunk sensor system. Open/Close the trunk automatically by judging the amplitude, frequency and phase parameter of Doppler produced when foot gets close and away from the sensor.

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