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ELECTRIC TAILGATE LIFT Installation Video For Lexus ES200

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LEXUS ES200 Installation Manual:
1. Remove all the buckles and the trim panel. 2. Remove the left and right hinge plastic trims as shown.
3. Take out the luggage cover and remove the long trim of
the original car lock frame.
4. Remove the lock frame.
5. Install our electric suction lock. 6. The lock motor is placed on the right.
7. Remove the buckle and remove the right trim of the
original car velvet.
8. Install our right bracket.
9. Unplug the lock wire of the original car, and plug it with
our lock control wire.
10. As shown in the figure, route the lock control wire and
the tailgate switch wire to the control box (ECU).
11. Route the power cord to the main driving position. 12. Find the fuse box under the steering wheel.
13. Unplug the 20A, then plug in our fuse. 14. Connect to the ground wire. Note: connect GND first,
then power on.
15. Insert the plugs into the control box (ECU). 16. After installing the right side trim, you need to cut the
trim with a utility knife to expose the bracket ball head, and
then install the electric struts.
17. Install our tailgate switch button. 18. Restore all components and finish installation.

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